Committed to Excellence

But, why should you use mîrus consulting group?

Let’s face it, there are hundreds if not thousands of consulting companies. So, why use mîrus consulting group instead of the firms that you are currently using. These are the main values and reasons for giving us an opportunity:

  • Multidisciplinary employee’s expertise

  • mîrus believes in effective planning. Projects successful is based on planning based on real facts not just conceptual ones.

  • mîrus spend time analyzing and identifying the best candidates for the projects.

  • Effective communication with customers, peers and partners

  • Execute what we promised on-time, on-budget with the expected quality level


    Our technical capabilities are based on team members with relevant educational qualifications together with extensive industry knowledge and excellent project management experience.


    • Pre-Approval Inspections
    • QA Audits
    • High Level Strategies Development
    • High Level QA Consultants
    • Validation Estimates Development
    • Serialization Support
    • Project Estimates Development
    • General Guidelines Consulting
    • Warning Letters and Consent Decree Support