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Jorge Donato

For nearly two decades, all of us at mîrus have worked with passion, dedication and commitment with the only intention of contributing to our customers' development with our services. Each employee at mîrus has realized that our name means reliability, excellence, experience, and commitment.

Our goal is to innovate and bring noteworthy improvements to our customers’ services and products. This is aligned with our mission of being the validation company defining the standards of worldwide excellence.

Our team will always be prepared to offer their experience and innovative vision in various fields. We would like to become your partner in success. Additionally, we will contribute to society through the promotion of corporate environmental standards that will reach our goal of preserving our natural resources.

mîrus is committed to continuously strengthening its reputation as a responsible company, offering irreplaceable value-added services that can contribute to our clients and our society.

Finally, I take this opportunity to thank all our employees, customers and suppliers, as well as each of the members of our board for their continued support and confidence in our company.






operations director

Giovanni Gómez

Since our establishment in 2001, mîrus has followed the basic philosophy that our greatest asset is our people. We have always aspired to employ professionals with extraordinary knowledge, experience and more importantly high values. These experienced professionals have helped us to achieve a healthy growth and add value to our customers, which also adds to the development of our industry and economy.

In conclusion, we are here to build a great Company. A company that has achieved the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We want to be a great place to work, a provider of exceptionally high quality service and a Company that carries itself in the marketplace with the highest levels of business integrity and business ethics. We are a company composed of dedicated and, accomplished professionals, committed to our customers. We at mîrus are here to build a company in which we can all take great pride.




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